Curtain motor

AC Curtain Motor With 400,000 customers trust in Europe The motor of the latest technology First time to launch in China.
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Lawson has 46 U-shape production lines for tubular motor which produce 46 different models at the same time to meet requirements from different customers in a way of small quality and different models. Six Quality Control Stations for each U-shape production line ensure the stability for every motor. U-shape production line will detect faulty motors at the first time,reduce mass repairing,and avoid piling of semi-finished product during a whole assembling process.

The stock cycling rate has improved 60% in the past two years by effective ERP system.

In logistics system,any difference in color or configuration of components and finished products will generate an unique code. The raw material needed,as well as stock system will be managed fully by ERP. Enter customer order into ERP system every time,and it will deduct the stocked components automatically. In this way LAWSON can guarantee precise delivery date for every order under few stocks,which has improved the stock cycling rate greatly.

Lawson new factory perfect production and logistic system more enhance operation efficiency and collaboration ability.

Huge and bright production workshops bring very human and comfortable working condition. Over 15,000 square meters top-floor management and R & D office allows more than 500 staff of management and R & D to work at the same time.

Large hanging gardens, water curtain corridor, music fountain and other facilities provide management team with better working office environment, effectively stimulate workers’ creativity and enhance management efficiency.

Set staff club in the workers’ living area that equip with library, gym, home theater, snooker room, table tennis, and other entertaining facilities for staff to use in free time. Let makes Lawson staffs’ spare time life more colorful.

My Recent Awards

Eternal Drive Pro-environmental Eternal Drive Pro-environmental & Energy-saving

Through the application of ultra-low-power technology,research and development of low-power motors,can take advantage of solar energy to charge the motor,The application of energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies.

Connected to the smart home,intelligent buildings,real-time feedback to the motor state,can be precisely controlled motor trip motor trip,Support a variety of excuses and control protocol.

The international standard LNX wired communication protocol;system is stable,flexible,easy to maintain set;Meet villas,duplex,and other types of family homes and commercial buildings,high-end hotels,government,Enterprises and office building intelligent needs.